Dan Harmon's Story Circle


Video Producer, Presenter & Editor

I make weekly tutorials on video editing and story telling techniques.

This is one I did about the Story Circle that writers like Dan Harmon use.


Double j productions

Editor & DIT

I edited the film and the trailer.

This is the trailer for a short film, Physique, about a woman struggling with her body image and eat disorders.

Content Creator Video

no ticket films

Content Creator

This is a video I made expressing myself as a creative.

What's the Time

Tania-Morgan smith

Editor & Camera Op


I also helped with scripting and producing.

This is a short film about how extreme loss can effect us in extreme ways.

Matt Preston Files: Cyborg Invasion

storm drain films

2nd Camera Op, Clapper Loader

I also was a Spark, Sound Recordist, Runner and an Actor.

This is part of an ongoing film series, based on a successful book series

'The Matt Preston Files'.


Oliver productions

Assistant Editor


I gave detailed technical and narrative feedback to the Editor.

This is a half improvised LGBTQ+ indie feature film

about a struggling writer, thinking back on her ex-girlfriend.

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